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Frequently Asked Questions

Developing Farming Enterprise with Agri-Tech / Fin-Tech Solutions. It provides the Farmer with ERP solutions, Networking Solutions and eCommerce solutions that enable the Farmer to grow their business into sustainable Ventures.

  • Farmers register and create a profile like other apps.
  • Support providers also register and create profiles such that farmers are aware of the goods and services that they offer. E.g. Finance service providers like funding, Tractor services, spraying services, Irrigation services, Bookkeeping, Brand/Marketing for value-added products, Veterinary services, cold chain management -cold storage, Transport, Laboratory for soil & Water testing etc.

Go to the Google Play store or IOS download Farmers networks App and register as a user.

Look for the logo and click to download.

Complete you profile and start using the App.

There are various features on the pages of the Farmers App addressing needs of farmers.

Day-to-day business management. The Farmer is able at a glance to monitor his business health check through dashboards that are updated in real-time covering Farm Input expenses and Revenues.

A Farmer located offsite is able to share Admin rights with workers. This enables the farmer to manage remotely.

It connects farmers with service providers eg Microfinance Institutions, Training providers, consultant Agronomists, Veterinary services, Hardware & Agrovets, etc.

The Resource feature gives Farmers access to download materials like; catalogues for seeds, Trainings, Farm Records, Farming Guides, Spray Programs, Articles, Podcasts, Best practices, etc. from Certified Vendors, Spraying, Tractor, Logistics, Transport, Cold chain management, etc.

The consult feature gives farmers access to consultants listed on the App, e.g. Agronomists, Veterinary, Agronomy, Logistics, Laboratory Testing, Business Development, Marketing, Brans, Value addition, Book Keeping, etc.

Development partners are also able to gain visibility on the farmers enterprise where they can track the progress of specific initiatives, they are applying to support farmers.

Provides farmers with Access to Markets both Local & International through Links with offtake partners: Retailers, Aggregators, food processors, Institutions, etc.

Provides Farmers with requirements to meet criteria to Supply Offtake partners both locally & Internationally.

Offtake partners are also able to Track their products from Farm to table.

The social media platform on the App enables the farmer to interact with other farmer communities, get business leads, and share best practices while also marketing their products.

Farmers are able to plan for and attend Important events in the Agriculture Calendar of the year.

What about Language? The Language used on farmers Networks App are adopted to Official and National Languages by

The Languages used on Farmers Networks App are adopted to Official and National Languages by country.

How do I invest in the App/ I want to buy Shares?

Send us an email of expression of Interest to: Invest@Farmersnetworks.Africa
Farmers Networks will respond by sending you an offer letter.
Payment: Investor can pay through the Apps payment platform, Receipt is issued by Farmers Networks App Limited immediately on payment.
Share certificate sent to your registered email.

Who do I call if I have questions about the app Use?

Send WhatsApp: +254 702157000
Call: +254 702157000
Email: Customercare@Farmersnetworks.africa
Website: www.farmersnetworks.africa