Agri-Tech Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning

Planning & Management Made easy. Farmer updates record on the go. The report is analyzed and presented in dashboards that make planning and management of the Farm easier. Farmers are able to share accurate and well-presented reports for support to grow their enterprises sustainably.

Networking – Providers & Partners

Farmers are linked with Agriculture Value chain stakeholders who offer appropriate solutions to farmers. Farmers are organized in communities which enables them to have one reliable authenticated source of information, mobilize resources, get business leads, and share best practices


Farmers are able to buy and sell goods and services using the integrated mobile money & Banking platform integrated on the app. They are also able to market and sell their produce through e-Commerce. Partners are also able to communicate their offerings to farmers by advertisement or chat services found on the app.

Agri-Tech /

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Agri-Tech Solutions

Agri-Tech & Fintech Solution for Agricultural Entrepreneurs

  • ERP for Record Keeping Productivity,
“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”
W.Edwards Deming. Leader in the field of quality improvement.
  • Networking-linking Farmers with Value chain stakeholders
  • E-Commerce for marketing and selling farm produce and services.


Farmers Agri-Tech / Fin-Tech Solutions!” Better Planning & Management of the Enterprise. Record Keeping, Networking & Marketing.
Dashboards (ERP):
A Farmer or Agricultural Entrepreneur is able to see his own production and financial records and compare them with the market reports. The entrepreneur uses the reports for Planning and Management.
Farmer keeps good records that are presented in dashboards for better planning & management. Farmer can download well presented reports and share them with Value chain stakeholders for support.
Service Providers
Farmer accesses verified service providers to get the right support.
Farmer simulates scenarios based on market trends available on the app.
Farmer access resources & Share best practices.
Farmer able to chat with providers and value chain stakeholders.

How to enter farm records. Step-by-step guide.

Here is how farmers keep records on the go and share them with value chain stakeholders.

Go to the record button (Green circle) at the bottom of the Home page.

→ leads to Business and Production → here the farmer selects the farm activity he would like to record.

→ Selects the type of crop or livestock. If they have not previously entered any records using the app, → they will go to Add Product+ and selects out of the products listed on the app to add. Then update the country and location details and saves them.

→ Goes back to Business and Production

→ Selects either Farm Inputs (Expenses) or Revenue.

→ Under Inputs they choose to enter see records by clicking the pen icon (green color) next to seed, which leads to the Production capture page.

→ Here the farmer updates their records On-The-Go using a simple easy-to-use form.

Under Seed → Selects Actual or Plan → Description of the activity→ Quantity→ Units→ Price→ Saves.

→ Goes back to the home page

→ Clicks reports found on the top right corner of the home page . The farmer is presented with simple to read dashboards for Planning and management.

Selects the business document or certificate that they would like to share with value chain stakeholders eg Production or Revenue records and

 → Shares by attaching the report downloaded from Farmers Networks App using the chat service available on the app or  WhatsApp or email.

Value chain stakeholders can get on-demand accurate and reliable farmer reports updated in real-time.