About Us

Agritech / Fintech mobile and Web application that enables smallholder farmers to capture & keep proper records that are shared with the entire Agriculture value chain stakeholders to provide support solutions.

“Farmers Networks App turns smallholder farming into sustainable ventures”.


About Us

Farmers work hard every day to feed us but face so many challenges from, production, weather, pests, regulations, and access to capital or market…., that they cannot keep up with the increasing complexities or changes in the food supply value chain.

These problems are worsened by a lack of proper records for planning and management which is critical in alleviating the pains of entrepreneurship that farmers go through.

We help Agricultural Entrepreneurs (SMEs) to turn their business activities into sustainable ventures.

We do this by providing Business services and Agri-Tech Solutions for entrepreneurs using Farmers Networks mobile and web Apps.


Farmers Networks App

Voice of Users

Voice of Allan Oyier

Allan Oyier: 
Farmers Networks App

Launch of Farmers Networks App.

Voice of Norbert Klein

Norbert Klein: 
Executive Vice president – Bosch Region Europe

Speech during launch of Farmers Networks App.

Voice of Farmer Sipiwe

Farmer Sipiwe: 
SmallHolder Farmer

Lizona Tshwane, South Africa

Voice of Farmer Jembe


Farmer Jembe: 
Smallholder Farmer

Kajiado, Kenya